Client Handbook

Client Handbook

This client handbook contains vital information for clients, showing a step by step guide to designing a simple, but yet beautiful website from the start to finish. We hope that this handbook will help you learn fundamental principles of website design and the development process. Feel free to contact us and schedule a free consultation if you have any questions.


We start off every project with a phone call or in-personal meeting and discuss the project in detail with you.

We also answer any questions you may have, so take advantage of your first consultation and be prepared to answer the following questions:


  • What is your objective?

  • Who is your Audience?

  • What is your timeline?


  • Who will be involved in the project?

  • Do you have existing marketing pieces and/or branding guidelines?

  • What is your timeline?


  • Who is your competition?

  • What websites do you like and why?

  • What features are absolute musts for your website?

We advise you to have a list of questions prepared to ask before you contact us, that way we shall be able to put together a proposal based on your answers explaining what we will be doing, time and cost of your project. If everything is perfect, we can start working on the project as soon as possible.


In order to create a user-friendly, well organized and good looking website, we need to draw out a plan of what it will look like. To achieve this we use a site map. A site map is simply a visual representation of your website pages and their hierarchy, which is used as a planning document for both current and future additions to your website. We work with you on every single step to make sure it’s very accurate and meets your needs before we can move on to the next phase.

A Simple Site Map

A More Complicated Site Map


Once your site map is approved, we move on to the design phase. This phase has two major parts: Wire framing and Graphic mockup.


A wire frame, also known as a blue print is a visual representation of a website’s layout. It showcases your website’s page layout and navigational scheme of the pages. It basically helps you know where design elements such as headlines, paragraphs, lists, call to action, images will be on the page, but does not necessarily show how they look or what they will say yet. Some of the benefits of a wire frame are:

  • It makes design changes more efficient. In case you want to make some changes to your website for example resizing the header or logo, we at Infinity Gurus can easily do so in just a couple of minutes when using a wire frame. It generally saves you both time and money.

  • It is an important tool of communication among the client web designer and web developer; It ensures that they are all on the same page and clients can easily address their concerns while our web developer on the other hand can easily know what software to use in order to fulfill the client’s needs.

  • It helps you (client) think about your needs and re-define your goals and objectives of your website.


After approving the wire frames, the next step is to create a graphic mockup. This is a complex and time consuming task. Here you’ll have to select fonts, colors, backgrounds, images and other things that you’ll want to see on your page. It gives you an idea of what the final site will look like and how elements of the page will work together since it is delivered as an image file.

At this stage, the main focus is on how things will look like, rather than what they say, so content is not done yet. A graphic mockup gives our developer room for creativity, so he can be able to create a perfect website.


This is the biggest part of creating a website. Now that you have a vivid image of what your website will look like, it’s time to bring it to life!

With designs approved, our web developers at Infinity Gurus will match the designs with the site map and start building the website immediately. Our developers will install the required software for creating the website such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento etc. They will also come up with a theme from the given designs by either breaking down the design into individual graphic files and code that are easily understood by a web browser.

You will be able to access the development site at a private website address for review and feedback. Filler content also known as “Lorem ipsum” will be used as placeholders until final content is put in.


At this point you should be having content for your website. Content such as text, images attachments, and any other important information you would like to be on your site. Think of your website as a brand new house, complete with a plumbing system, power and gas, but only missing furniture and décor which are the “content.”



Word documents are great for writing web content. You can use the site map guide to provide content for each of the pages on your website.

  • Provide one word file per page of content.

  • Embed links to existing web pages in the text

  • Use square brackets [ ] or highlighted text to provide notes to our content managers / developers for links whose pages don’t exist or those that you can’t link to directly. This will prevent confusion with regular brackets “( )” which can be mistaken for text.

  • Organize different sections of content into folders.


Google docs, aka “Drive” is a personal favorite here at Infinity Gurus. Google docs enables you to revise, mark up and comment on documents live without having to send files back and forth.

It is also highly accessible, you can access it 24/7 whether you’re online or not and it’s mobile friendly. So if you’re the kind of person who loves to work on your phone, Google docs is the right app for you.

With Google docs you can also easily import/export files without a hassle.


We get so many emails here at Infinity Gurus, so we advise you to provide us with well-organized content in order for us to serve you better.

  • 1. Send as much content as you can at once.

    • Choose a branch of your site map and prepare al content for that.

    • Try your best not to send multiple versions of the same document. It will make the work of our developers much easier.

  • 2. Make use of a file sharing service like Dropbox to share media. You will be able to exceed the attachment limit on most email services.

  • 3. To minimize emails with attachments, refer to tip 1&2 above.

  • 4. Content management systems will let you make edits to the content before and after launching the project, so don’t mind perfection.


This is a critical stage in web design as it helps to identify issues that need to be corrected.

Websites should be thoroughly tested for the following:

  • 1. Functionality

  • 2. Browser consistency

  • 3. Performance


Ensure that functionality is independent of the device, browser or operating system used by ay visitor of your website. You should be able to:

  • 1. Load all pages.

  • 2. Add products to a shopping cart and check out.


There so many desktop and mobile web browsers and most of them are one of four browser engines to render the page.


  • 1. Internet Explorer (version 9 and newer)

  • 2. Google Chrome

  • 3. Mozilla Firefox

  • 4. Apple Safari


  • 1. Mobile Safari (all iOS devices)

  • 2. Chrome for Android


Pages should be able very fast to avoid frustrating your website users. Web page load times should be 1-2 seconds.


It includes how to:

  • 1. Access your website administration area

  • 2. Make common updates such as updating pages and menu items

  • 3. Use the WYSIWYG editor

  • 4. Manage users

  • 5. Manage orders for e-commerce sites

  • 6. Access the files of your website

It does NOT include:

  • 1. How to write code

  • 2. How to use graphic design software


D-day is finally here! You can now launch your website. But before you do so, here’s what you need to know:

  • 1. Ensure that your hosting services are ready to go.

  • 2. Have the login credentials for your domain name registrar or DNS manager.

  • 3. Getting your website "live" on your domain name isn't always instant. It can take up to 24 hours to roll out across the world, but usually much faster.

  • 4. Ensure that your web development company is available for support for any last second launch day issues.

  • 5. Get an SSL certificate to encrypt the transactions if your site processes credit cards or any other sensitive information like social security numbers.

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