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Infinity Guru Family

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Paul Shakuri

As a true believer in the saying “You only have one life, so live it” I must say I am doing exactly that. From quality family time, to loving what I do for work, life couldn’t get any better. I always tell my friends if you don’t like what you are doing for work, find or do something else. Elite Security Services is a place of work that I enjoy every day because of the friends I work with, and the happy clients that we are blessed in doing business with. Every day is a new and exciting day with great honor and respect to the company that I represent.

Ray Shakuri

Ray Shakuri has been an internet entrepreneur for over a decade. He has launched & managed many successful companies, once of Ray's best attributes are project management, he has done this for some major brands.the knowledge Ray has in this industry will be a major attribute for helping ongoing and future clients for Infinity Gurus.

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